CaseWare Analytics is happy to provide useful resources for audit, finance and compliance professionals. Below you will find a variety of whitepapers on topics of relevance to audit, anti-money laundering (AML), p-card monitoring and travel and entertainment (T&E).

5 key areas to test when building an effective audit plan 
There are 5 key areas you must test to build an effective audit plan. Find out what they are.
6 steps to a more effective internal audit 
For an audit to be both time-efficient and valuable, there are six key steps that must be taken to complete it. Find out what they are.
Data analytics: The key to risk-based auditing
Learn how auditors can assess, respond to and analyze the risks they encounter during a risk-based audit.
Forget Excel! Five reasons to switch to a real data analytics tool 
Learn how a professional-grade data analytics tools help make audits more effective and efficient.
Global benchmark: Role of data analytics for internal fraud detection 
This whitepaper shares statistics around the extent of internal fraud in business and the impact of fraud-fighting techniques, including data analytics.
Managing bank transaction risks with a continuous data analytics approach 
To protect themselves, most banks have implemented specific anti-fraud prevention and detection measures. However, most risk professionals know that even with these specific controls in place, significant transaction risk may still be present at the bank. Therefore, the next step to protect earnings and capital is to ask the following questions...
Strong corporate governance and internal controls: Internal auditing in higher education 
Learn how audit teams are know being seen as a business partner and added resource within Higher Education.
AML Compliance 
3 key processes to save your correspondent banking relationships 
This whitepaper shares and explores the three key processes to save your correspondent banking relationships.
P-Card Monitoring
P-Card Analytics Guide
Get a sample of the analytics that is available with CaseWare P-Card Monitoring solution.
How to avoid abuse, misuse and fraud in your P-Card and T&E programs 
This eBook examines emerging risks in procurement processes and how analytics can be used to mitigate them.
Travel and Entertainment
 7 steps to take your Concur expense management to the next level
In this whitepaper we will walk you through the process of taking your Concur implementation from simple to effective.


Travel and entertainment expenses: Preventing a culture of misuse
 In this whitepaper, you will learn how to assess risks within your T&E program, which areas to test for maximum returns, proven analytics techniques, and turnkey solutions that take the guesswork out of the entire process.

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