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CaseWare Analytics has a variety of training options to help you grow your skills.

Get up to speed quickly. There are learning options to suit everyone whether it's a live class, an online session, or an on-demand course.

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tutorial videos

Get the training you need, when you need it. Our recorded sessions cover the most commonly used tasks in IDEA.

  • Getting Started: Get familiar with the IDEA interface, creating projects and importing files.
  • New Features: See what's new in the latest version of IDEA!
  • Common Tasks: Learn how to use the most commonly used tasks in IDEA to accelerate your analysis.
  • Other Tasks: Expand your skills by learning about some of the less common, but no less powerful features.
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We have live instructor-led classroom sessions offered around the world. These hands-on classes take a case study approach and are designed to let you learn by doing. Standard classes include:

  • IDEA Data Analysis Level 1: Get started with IDEA and learn to use key features. Designed for new users.
  • IDEA Data Analysis Level 2: Take your knowledge to the next level. Designed for users with some IDEA experience; learn to put IDEA to work for you.
  • IDEAScript for Analysts: Expand and customize the functionality of IDEA by creating your own scripts.
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On-Site Training

On-Site Training brings the classroom to you. Find a local distributor from our global network of partners who can help you get the training you need.

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