Stringent fraud prevention and revenue protection

Retail & Distribution


Missed discounts, erroneous payments or purchase order errors can become sources of frustration for management in their efforts to gain visibility into their business processes and achieve full revenue recognition.  Operations and internal audit want to foster an environment that strikes the delicate balance between stringent fraud prevention and an optimal customer experience to maximize revenues amidst ever changing market conditions.

CaseWare™ Analytics provides the ability to independently monitor processes across multiple departments such as loss prevention, procurement, finance, operations and audit, to identify control breaches, fraud and money leakage before they become detrimental to the retail environment.

CaseWare Analytics Capabilities

  • Enterprise-Wide Oversight

Independent point of observation enables all aspects of the business process to be monitored holistically and removes blind spots associated with monitoring only a single application. Ensure proper segregation of duties and compliance with external and company regulations.

  • Loss Prevention via Immediate Detection

Immediately detect errors in inventory, purchasing and billing processes. Potential breakdown in internal controls are flagged as they occur ensuring that they are addressed in a timely manner. All processes can be monitored regardless of the underlying systems, data sources, platforms or locations.

  • Collaborative Framework

Whether you’re in Loss Prevention, Operations, Management or Audit, the continuous monitoring system should be accessible by all users in the organization. Since an effective monitoring solution can touch multiple business processes and applications, it is important that stakeholders can access and monitor the results regardless of their location, technical ability or business role.

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Loss Prevention

  • Identify all purchases and refunds within 15 days, using checks
  • Comparison of “No Sale” transactions to cash voided transactions by associate
  • Identify credit card purchases refunded to a different credit card (same day)
  • Identify potential fraudulent or improper transactions through selling price differences between stores
  • Identify duplicate return transactions
  • Identify incomplete exchange transactions
  • Identify checks paid to more than one payee with the same address
  • Identify stores with significant allowances

Purchase Order Management

  • Identify duplicate purchase orders
  • Reconcile receipts by comparing accrued payables to received items
  • Reconciliation of orders received, but not ordered
  • Reconciliation of items received, but not ordered
  • Compare rates for similar products from other vendors to ensure purchase rates are competitive
  • Check for overbilling - compare invoices against contract

Inventory Management

  • Compare speed and accuracy of delivery by product and vendor
  • Compare the value of physical counts to general ledger value
  • Analyze the difference between standard costs and actual costs
  • Look for products with zero quantities or zero prices
  • Reconcile unmatched pay and remittances to freight invoices

Vendor Management

  • Identify potential duplicate vendors
  • Vendor – Employee and other Related Parties Matching
  • Extract total posted invoices for the year for accurate vendor rebates

Order Fulfillment

  • Discount Overrides
  • Variations in units of measure
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD) violations


  • Identify potential duplicate payments (e.g., same amounts, common dates, etc.)
  • Identify rapid payments
  • Identify invoices posted with duplicate purchase order numbers
  • Reconcile check register to disbursements by vendor invoice