Analyse processes such as financial aid, tuition billing, grants and purchasing cards.



Today’s educational institutions do far more than educate students in a classroom. They provide a broad range of services such as meals, lodging, medical care, retail and security-related services. By extending their services beyond education, K-12, colleges and universities face a growing number of financial, operational and regulatory risks that stem from analyzing data in silos and assessing risks only every few months. 

CaseWare™ Analytics is able to analyse multiple data sources holistically, regardless of the volume or variety. From this consolidated outlook of the data, CaseWare Analytics is able to provide an independent point of observation over the institution’s operations so as to discover any occurrences that are inconsistent with internal or external rules and regulations. Also, with CaseWare Analytics you can employ automated and repeatable analytics for immediate fraud detection plus manage and track anomalies from initial detection to resolution.

CaseWare Analytics Capabilities

  • Easy, Automated & Ongoing Analysis of Data

Effortlessly interrogate transactions, uncover anomalies or automate analysis within 2 – 3 clicks. Substantially lessen investigation time by only reviewing the anomalies; eliminating the need to manually sort through every transaction.

  • Supports Existing Systems

Support any business process on any system and data from any source without additional infrastructure and integrate easily with existing scripting tools such as IDEA®, ACL™ and Arbutus™.

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Financial Aid

  • Identify aid in excess of needs assessment and overpayments
  • Monitor loan agreements for repayment
  • Find course withdrawals below full-time course load, without a corresponding reduction in aid

Travel & Expense

  • Identify frequent travelers and corresponding compliance with travel policies and procedures
  • Pinpoint travel over holiday periods for potential personal travel

Purchasing Cards

  • Monitor for duplicate payments between p-card merchants and accounts payable vendors
  • Check for charges at inappropriate Merchants (i.e. travel, food, fuel) by MCC code
  • Pinpoint Split charges to circumvent purchasing card limits
  • Highlight cards used by terminated employees and/or employees on leave of absence

Tuition Billing

  • Compare refund check addresses to employee addresses or drop boxes
  • Identify missing refund check numbers
  • Compare refund payments to refund policy
  • Review students with more than three address changes in one academic year

Salaries & Payroll

  • Identify multiple paychecks to same bank account
  • Compare check amounts per ledger to electronic bank files
  • List employees with salary increases greater than a specified percent
  • Compare refund payments to refund policy

Grants & Compliance

  • Identify expenditures made outside a grant’s effective dates
  • Identify unaccountable charges (administrative costs) based on grant rules to be compliant with government and other grantor’s regulations