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Internal Audit

Data Analysis for the 21st Century Auditor

Internal auditors today are under pressure to provide relevant insights, have a clear understanding of what’s happened in the past, and to deliver intelligent and evidence-based opinions to address organizational risks. IDEA® Data Analysis software helps internal auditors meet these challenges. A powerful and user-friendly tool, IDEA allows internal auditors to perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns. IDEA® analyzes 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and provides easy analysis with more than 100 tasks that are ideal for use in internal audits.

CaseWare IDEA helps you gain deep insights into your business through easy-to-use technology that requires no programming or scripting knowledge, so you can focus your efforts where they’re needed most: in your audit. With the help of IDEA, internal auditors become trusted partners to the business and improve internal audit’s reputation by completing higher-quality audits more effectively and offering meaningful and accurate insight into the organization’s controls, processes and risks.

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Using Technology for Data Analysis: The Benefits

  • Analyze 100% of data regardless of variety, volume or location so you can be confident in your conclusions
  • Have access to more than 100 audit-relevant tasks at your fingertips
  • Improve operations, compliance initiatives and internal audit reputation
  • Protect the integrity of your data
  • One platform for the entire audit team to share data analysis insights in real-time
  • Share findings across your business to get your audit recommendations into operations
  • Purpose-built analytics that require no prior programming knowledge

Collaborative Analytics for Faster Analysis

To process large data sets quickly and perform faster analysis for internal audits, IDEA Server is the tool for the job. A collaborative analytics platform, IDEA Server processes data sets fast by using server-based processing rather than the traditional desktop version of IDEA for data analysis. With one platform to house the disparate data drawn from multiple systems along with the accompanying analytics, the internal audit team can make synchronized decisions based on accurate information. Learn more about IDEA Server

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IDEA Data Analysis software is loaded with a wealth of tools and features that help internal auditors add value to the business:

  • Universal file conversion capabilities and Import Assistant to make file importing easy
  • Common audit functions such as Gap Detection, Field Manipulation, Summarization, Sampling, Stratification, etc.
  • A range of advanced analytics including Fuzzy Duplicate and Benford’s Law
  • Auto-generated or custom-built data visualizations with the Discover and Visualize features
  • Project Overview, which creates an accurate and reliable audit trail of all tasks completed within a project
  • Access to Passport, the gateway to IDEA 10 tutorials, how-to videos, Support, forums and more
  • Readily available IDEA resources, such as YouTube videos for common audit tasks such as gap detection, summarization, stratification and more