Anu Sood

Director of Product and Corporate Marketing

Anu is the driver behind our go-to-market strategies, conceiving the vision for our products and ensuring the customer journey is tailored with a product that meets their unique needs. Forging the connection between the market and CaseWare product development, Anu is dedicated to ensuring that our products solve our customers’ problems and that our distributors can depend on us to provide an outstanding product and exceptional sales support.

Building on a broad experience base that includes software design, channel management, writing, and even customer support and documentation, Anu brings a well-rounded perspective to our product and marketing departments. Her creative and results-focused approach also challenges the teams, inspiring them to push the envelope to not just meet but exceed their objectives.

Attracted to the challenge of constantly evolving a product to meet shifting customer needs, Anu is ideally suited to lead our marketing and product teams and ensure our global marketing strategy is executed effectively.