CaseWare Events

Oct 25 2018
Increasing use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the detection and prevention of financial crimes is providing financial institutions the opportunity to perform massive computations and detect patterns that were previously undetectable with rules-based analytics. In...
Oct 28 2018 to Oct 31 2018
Ottawa, Canada
With companies losing up to 5% of annual revenue to occupational fraud, the ability to detect and deter fraud is critical and provides significant benefits to your organization. Develop the skills you need to detect and prevent fraud from impacting your organization's bottom line at the 2018...
Nov 19 2018 to Nov 23 2018
Gatineau, Canada
Join 5,000 public sector professionals from across government at PD Week 2018 in Gatineau, Quebec for an unparallelled learning experience. PD Week provides participants with outstanding professional development, presented by leading influencers and experts from around the world...