ACAMS Atlanta Lunch and Learn

Aug 24 2017
Atlanta, Georgia

Join CaseWare Analytics Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Simpson, for his interactive lunch and learn session " Simple Techniques to Improve Data Quality for Enhanced KYC and Transaction Monitoring".

Session description: 

The multiplier effect of efficient data management is renowned within the Compliance fraternity – accurate customer profiles, improved threshold reporting, greater ability to discover non-compliant activities – the list is long. Conversely, poor data quality can accommodate negative repercussions such as money launderers and/or black-listed entities conducting illicit activities within your financial institution’s (FIs) network.

Both traditional and non-traditional FIs have a wealth of data readily available, that, if collected and assessed within a sound risk-based framework, can help realize increased accuracy of regulatory reporting while mitigating risks.

In this event, we’ll discuss:

  • Methods to consolidate and connect disparate data points
  • Ways to optimize data for improved quality
  • Effective data quality management to determine “customers” even in the absence of Customer IDs
  • Collaborative approaches to resolving “customer” identities
  • Segmenting and profiling customers to aid in regulatory compliance

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Meet the Presenter: Andrew Simpson 

Andrew has close to two decades of experience in the information systems and security business; specifically data analytics, interrogation and forensics. Andrew is acknowledged as a luminary and thought leader in advanced analytics and regulatory compliance. He is a seasoned industry speaker and a regular contributor to various ACAMS, Western Union, Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and Financial Crimes events. Andrew previously worked with Ernst & Young as an IT Security Specialist and earned an honours degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of the West Indies, as well as his MBA in Banking and Finance at the University of Wales and Manchester Business School.