Webinar: How to expand your Concur solution in 7 easy steps

November 15, 2016

The use of travel and purchasing cards (P-Cards) for expenses is on the rise, and many organizations are turning to Concur, an integrated expense-management solution. But how can managers maximize their Concur implementation to get a complete view of all expenses? Can you be certain that your process will identify any out-of-policy purchases? If not, continuous monitoring can help.

On November 30, CaseWare Analytics is offering a webinar presentation: How to Expand your Concur Solution in 7 Easy Steps. This webinar will highlight a few steps travel and entertainment (T&E) and P-Card professionals can follow to take their expense management to the next level.

These steps involve integrating data from various departments and external sources into a single seamless system. Although simple in theory, this process can be daunting for many organizations. But by breaking it down into manageable steps, the full picture of your expenses and transactions will emerge in no time! Additionally, the webinar will also touch on:

  • Integrating information from human resources, accounts payable and other areas
  • Continuously monitoring all this information and transactions
  • Preventing and remediating exceptions before they impact your program

Join our expert presenter to learn how to implement these 7 steps so you can protect and grow your expense management and P-Card programs. Visit us for more information, or contact us at connect@caseware.com.


About Anu Sood:

Anu Sood is the Director of Product and Corporate Marketing at CaseWare Analytics and is responsible for the company’s global marketing strategy. Prior to CaseWare Analytics, Anu worked in various roles in the high-tech industry and her accomplishments range from writing software for telephone switches to launching a new global satellite communication service. Anu has extensive experience in strategic marketing, corporate communications, demand generation, content marketing, product management, product marketing and technology development. 

Connect:   Anu Sood


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