Upcoming Webinar: Using Data to Enhance Transaction Monitoring & Customer Profiling Processes

July 12, 2018

As anyone in the anti-money laundering or combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) industry can tell you, maintaining an effective and robust compliance program is difficult. Keeping up-to-date on regulations, staying on top of regulatory reports, and monitoring thousands of transactions can be extremely challenging for financial institutions. Adding to this burden is the fact that criminal networks are becoming ever more sophisticated, and the often outdated transaction monitoring processes used by financial institutions are simply not the best way to identify unlawful activity.

This Tuesday, July 17th, COO of CaseWare Analytics, Andrew Simpson, and Brett Barrett, Risk Specialist at Thomson Reuters, will host a free webinar on ‘Using Data to Enhance Transaction Monitoring & Customer Profiling Processes’. In this one-hour event, our hosts will share with you how effective transaction monitoring can not only identify any unusual transactions that require investigation, but can also help profile customers, improve the effectiveness of your compliance program, and make compliance efforts--including regulatory reporting--easier.

To learn more about this presentation or to register for the event, click here.

About Anu Sood:

Anu Sood is the Director of Product and Corporate Marketing at CaseWare Analytics and is responsible for the company’s global marketing strategy. Prior to CaseWare Analytics, Anu worked in various roles in the high-tech industry and her accomplishments range from writing software for telephone switches to launching a new global satellite communication service. Anu has extensive experience in strategic marketing, corporate communications, demand generation, content marketing, product management, product marketing and technology development. 

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