Newsbreak: What’s Happening in the Audit, Compliance and Financial Crime Spaces

July 12, 2016

Analytics, fraud and insurance companies; new AML rules for NY financial institutions; and charges for P-Card abuse

Here is a roundup of some of the news we’re following in the audit, compliance and financial crime spaces:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Data Analytics and Internal Controls

  • Insurance companies slowly catching on to the use of data analytics
  • African branch of Chase Bank in hot water after advancing 16.6 billion shillings to a variety of entities, many associated with bank insiders, without proper security
  • Visualize your audit: Part 1 and Part 2
  • As city audit plans roll out, there is a shift toward using continuous control monitoring applications to cut expenses
  • Reasons are clear for why you should use Fuzzy Duplicate

Abuse, Fraud, Theft and Bribery

Purchase Card (P-Card) Use Monitoring

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